Art Sherwyn

Art Sherwyn - Artist & Educator



Art Teachers’ Retreat in Cambria, CA
July 23-24

Art Sherwyn has been producing high quality art retreats since the 1990s. Students attend for various personal reasons – either they are searching for a renewed creative spirit, a new hobby, or wishing to expand their artistic knowledge – and leave with more than they imagined possible.

Cambria Retreat, Cayucos Beach

Sherwyn’s retreats push the boundaries of art-making, challenging the student to find their true purpose as an artist and human being.

During these retreats, students are not merely learning how to draw and paint, but learning “why” to draw and paint. They are learning about themselves and leaving the retreat with increased confidence and enlightened spirit. 

Cambria Retreat, Fiscalini Ranch

Sherwyn’s lessons put into practice his unique life philosophies, which have guided him on his unconventional journey into the classroom and gallery. As an athlete and coach he learned valuable methods of encouraging growth and success through positivity. Once placed in the art classroom, his own desire to be a valuable art teacher, led him to a regimen of late night art-making and day trips to beautiful locations. His theory: Use the outdoors as inspiration, where no one can watch you fail and continue to make bad art until the ratio of ‘bad art’ to ‘good art’ tips in your favor.  Continuing this practice has produced a nationally-known artist and art teacher.

One of the most gifted practitioners of visual arts in California. Students will find their value as a creative person in spite of their own preconceptions about ability. It has been my privilege to watch this talent encourage fledglings to become full blown painters and sculptors. – Mike Mastagni, 2015

Previous retreats have taken place in Cambria, Kernville, Quaking Aspen, and throughout the Central Coast. During these daylong or multiple-day workshops, students are immersed in plein air and in-studio artwork, learning techniques for various mediums and surfaces.