Art Sherwyn

Art Sherwyn - Artist & Educator


“For many years, the landscape has served as an important mentor and muse to my every process. In it, I’ve been granted many opportunities to dance within its transitory theaters and catch whispered wisdoms from its greatest teachers. These works are my feeble attempts to convey the spirit of these lessons. I hope that they may impart on the viewer a fraction of the joy that they’ve brought me.”   -Art Sherwyn

At the base of Mt. Whitney

Art Sherwyn’s artistic methods were born outdoors. His artistic training occurred at campsites and atop mountains; the landscape was his classroom. His works were created en plein air (outdoors) around the world and across the country, on the East and West coast, through the high deserts, and low valleys. 

Whether alone or with one of his many travel buddies, Sherwyn has traveled up and down California’s deserts, forests, coastlines, and cities, searching for inspiration and creating photographs with pencil, pastel, and paint.

Valencia Peak, CA

“It starts with a quick and loose drawing, then I apply the acrylic paint and finish with some pastel accents.   All of these paintings were created from only four colors; red, yellow, blue and white.  Known as the primary colors, when mixed they can provide me with every color I would ever need.  These paintings, depending on their size take between 30 to 60 minutes to complete.  Painting quickly is a significant skill to have when working outdoors due to the ever changing sunlight.  Not every painting is successful, on my best day I am only 50% successful.  Yet, painting outdoors is an incredible way to pass time, successful or not.