Art Sherwyn

Art Sherwyn - Artist & Educator


art_bioFor forty years Art Sherwyn has devoted himself to liberating the mind through the appreciation and practice of visual art. As a high-school teacher, Art has received the highest honors, including the prestigious American Disney Teacher Award, and the California and National Secondary Art Educator of the Year, as well as numerous invitations to speak at local, state, and national conferences for arts, education and leadership. His prolific workshops, retreats, and public lectures inspire audiences to dance beyond convention, accept failure as a precursor to success, and enrich all aspects of their lives through the contemplative skill and emotional freedom cultivated within the artistic process.

As an author, Art Sherwyn’s methods have proven indispensable to artists and educators. His techniques deepen the understanding of composition and color, employing exercises that encourage the reader, from all backgrounds, to embark on their own heroic journey, challenging common perception and to see their world with renewed passion and clarity.

As an artist, Art Sherwyn is in a continuous state of inquiry and exploration. Nestled into American fields and startling landscapes, Art’s wooden easel and kind demeanor has greeted many a curious traveler. In the studio, his technical facilities merge with his fierce imagination and challenge the boundaries of playful form and expression. 1930’s blues guitars vibrate from a battered work radio, tennis balls wait in trays of wet paint, and works created from smoke & fire hang amongst his more traditional landscapes.

Art Sherwyn’s vigorous interpretations of life and landscape presently hang in many public and private collections across the globe. He continues to teach in Bakersfield, CA and travels the country offering lectures and workshops to audiences from all walks of life. Art Sherwyn is currently developing a comprehensive textbook based on his most effective lesson plans, and continues to traverse the countryside in search of new ways to communicate truth and beauty.