Art Sherwyn

Art Sherwyn - Artist & Educator


As an author, Art Sherwyn’s methods have proven indispensable to artists and educators. His techniques deepen the understanding of composition and color, employing exercises that encourage the reader, from all backgrounds, to embark on their own heroic journey, challenging common perception and to see their world with renewed passion and clarity. The left menu lists Art’s essays and editorials in recent publications and his books are listed below.

Creative Coloring – Design Elements
Teach key concepts in art and design through an engaging coloring-book format! Creative Coloring jump-starts the creative process while introducing fundamental art vocabulary and ideas. Open spaces encourage students to explore their own artistic sensibilities. Concepts covered include the elements of design, composition, selected topics in art history (the Fauves, for example!), drawing and coloring techniques. For classroom use, buy a whole set – these are not blackline masters! Purchase on


The Drawing Workbook – Line
Key concepts taught in a fun workbook format. An exciting path to drawing, composing, and creating with line, this workbook jump-starts the creative process while introducing fundamental art vocabulary and ideas.

Topics covered include the elements of design, design and composition, art history, and drawing and coloring techniques. Purchase on

These books are available for purchase in class sets and individually through Davis Publications.

Presently working on a series of books connecting the art with the stories behind them.

Presently: Contributing Editor, The Visual Experience, high school art textbook published by Davis Publications, Worcester, MA
Presently: Author of two books currently on the market, “Creative Coloring – Design Elements“, and “The Drawing Workbook – Line.”
1993-2010: Contributing Writer for “School Arts,” Davis Publications.
1997-1999: Visual Arts journalist for Arts and Entertainment magazine, Kern County